Miss Water Body – a poem

Miss Water Body – a poem

by Aryanna Alikhan  


She dances with the wind,

Whirls and whooshes as the tide begins to rise,

Her power becomes like a woman with a million electrolytes.

She’s indestructible,

But her babies always in danger,

When Man pollutes her mind with toxins

And poisonous pollutants of their crimes.

Undisturbed by the damage,

The men continue to build,

And they encaptivate her in prison walls

Called dams.

Her babies begin to sink,

They begin to drown,

She begins to rise but by becoming a prisoner

In the eyes

Of men of the Americas.

How can she escape when toxic masculinity

Gives them power to define

Her future.

To strip her bare,

 of her energy, wisdom, and power,

For hydroelectricity and industrial needs.

Feeding them exactly what they need

For profit and to feed

Their homes with whatever they need.

Their wants exceed their needs,

Demand exceeds the supply that she can supply,

Taking away everything that she needs

To survive.

One at a time

Murdering her babies and cutting her at her knees,

The only thing she asks is “please save my babies”.

The salmon of her rivers,

To her friends along the side.

The trees

That require her

To feed

On the fertilized soil

That she provides.

She is the river,

She is the sea,

She is the ocean across the planet,

That the men think they lead.

She is Miss Waterbody.

Under colonization,

She is held prisoner,

Surrounded by walls,

Or littering souls,

Constantly her body is being defamed

by a black gooey substance called crude oil

Left on her for eternity,


Being harassed,

The men of war continue to attack.

Her only plea

Is “please save my babies!”

This poem was written by Aryanna Alikhan

Upcycled EcoFeeder Painting Workshop

Join us in crafting a greener tomorrow for our feathered friends! Upcycle with us at the EcoFeeder Workshop and turn oat milk cartons into bird feeders. Let’s paint, feed, and nurture our winged buddies together! This will be a private event in the cafe.


Community Benefit:

When we noticed the staggering amount of oat milk cartons going to waste every day at the cafe, we were inspired to make a sustainable change. Our solution? A fun workshop where people can paint their own oat milk cartons and turn them into cute, eco-friendly bird feeders. This initiative not only minimizes waste but also provides a perfect way to get your garden or balcony ready for the spring. It’s a sustainable, resourceful, and enjoyable way to make a positive impact.