Corporate Partnership

Studio.89 is in need of funding to continue impacting the community with accessible, arts-based programming. Please download the below Sponsorship Package to learn more about how Studio.89 and your company can benefit each other!

Non-Profit Partnership

Studio.89 is always seeking new community partnerships to complement our network of 80+ organizations that utilize our space and further our mission of community development through accessible, arts-based programming. Please download the below Partnership Proposal to learn more about how Studio.89 and your organization can benefit each other!


“Studio 89 has been an essential place for our women to gather over the last several months. if it was not for this “safe space”, we would not have been able to establish ourselves and the sisterhood that we have started to build. At Azeeza we are all about empowering women and encouraging them to find their voices and Studio.89 continues to be our space of choice to host our events and meetings.”


“SMILE Canada Support Services continues to use the space at café Studio.89. Your team at Studio.89 has been tremendous! The space provided to us is inimitable, all our mom’s feel like they are in a confidential space and feel the warmth as soon as they walk in. Studio.89 is not your average café! A non-for-profit café, who stand for something amazing! Starting from their fair trade, organic, bird-friendly, and rainforest certified coffee, along with other ethical and yummy treats and products, the sale of which support our community programming! They continue to provide us free space and cater to our events with their delicious dairy free/organic goodies! Thank you Studio.89 for all your amazing work and for supporting us at SMILE Canada Support Services.”


“Encouraging arts, activism, empowerment & conscious consumerism, Studio 89 has been among the greatest influences for Not-for-profit program, Young, Gifted, & Black. Providing free space and resources for my program has allowed me to fund and facilitate the program in the most cost friendly of ways. The Artademic Centre , and all of its resources, offers a safe and creative space for the children and youth of the program, to engage in the most intellectual and artistic of ways. The space has become somewhat of a second home to many of my students and myself. We thank you for promoting, encouraging, and housing Young, Gifted, & Black so that we may continue to cater to intellect and promote Black excellence.”

Young, Gifted & Black