We organize various monthly arts and culture events as well as environmental and social justice-focused events and workshops. Our space hosts people from all walks of life and all ages. We are proud to cater to an intersectional community. We empower our community to act locally, think globally for a sustainable future.

Events and counting in our space.

Event attendance since 2014.

Events hosted by community members.

Community partnerships and growing.

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School partnerships and expanding.

Present Programs

Enviro-Hackathon Workshops

Program DetailsComing Soon

Impact Arts Events, Using Various Art Forms

Program DetailsComing Soon

Empathy Building, Anti-Racism Workshops

Program DetailsComing Soon

Creatives Corner - Youth Run Social Justice Blog

Program DetailsComing Soon

Youth Job Skills Program, Building Social Inclusion

Program DetailsComing Soon

Painting With Coffee Grounds

Program DetailsComing Soon

Plant Based Potlucks, Building Social Inclusion

Program DetailsComing Soon

Number of Youth & Seniors Connect Programs

Program DetailsComing Soon

Youth Impact Committee

Program DetailsComing Soon

Human Trafficking Podcast

Program DetailsIn partnership with Youth Troopers for Global Action, this is a podcast series created and produced in collaboration with the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth, seeking to raise awareness about the realities of human trafficking in Canada.

Future Programs

Identity and Self-Expression through Art

Program DetailsComing Soon!

Wellness and Mental Health amidst a Pandemic

Program DetailsComing Soon!

Leadership Skills for Youth

Program DetailsComing Soon!

Human Rights and Social Justice in Canada

Program DetailsComing Soon!


Program DetailsComing Soon!

Everyday Environmental Consciousness

Program DetailsComing Soon!

Like what you see, but would love to see more? Contact us so we can run with your ideas and turn them into amazing programming!

Past Programs

Women’s Yoga

Program DetailsA yoga class for women and women-identifying individuals.

Docs & Lattes

Program DetailsA monthly screening night focusing on a social justice-focused film and/or documentary, followed by a community discussion.

Open Mic Night

Program DetailsA monthly open mic event that showcases a diverse group of local talent.

Borders & Bridges

Program DetailsA free, 8-week filmmaking workshop series catered for anyone who has a story they would like to share with the world.

Feely Piano School

Program DetailsFree, monthly piano sessions for the community, along with student performances (in collaboration with the Feely Piano School).

Conscious Consumerism

Program DetailsSchool-based workshops geared towards teaching youth about conscious consumerism.

Paint Night

Program DetailsA monthly, youth artist-led painting workshop for the community.

Youth Social Justice Team

Program DetailsA collective of volunteers dedicating their efforts, talents and time on a weekly basis to help develop and facilitate Studio.89, social justice-based programming and events.

Civics & Careers

Program DetailsDeveloped by Studio.89’s own Youth Social Justice Team and UTM’s Centre for Student Engagement, ‘Civics & Careers Reimagined’ is an event series geared towards educating students on post-secondary life.

Transgender Connect

Program DetailsA monthly meet-up event for transgender, non-binary and questioning individuals to network and connect with one another.

Vegan Potluck

Program DetailsA monthly vegan potluck and get-together for the community (previously scheduled outside of Studio.89 operational hours).

Brush Up! Visual Arts

Program DetailsIn collaboration with Nexus Youth Services, ‘Brush Up! Visual Arts Program’ is an 8-week, art therapy-based program that aims to address important topics such as healthy expression, personal creativity and coping mechanisms.

Women’s Tea Circle

Program DetailsAn open and safe space for women and women-identifying individuals, who have burning questions about their reproductive and sexual health- led by a panel of women-identifying professionals (a registered doula, nutritionist, and sexuality coach).

Critical Conversations

Program DetailsA quarterly, community panel series to foster knowledge and generate public discussion on specific, social justice-related issues.

Activist Book Club

Program DetailsA monthly book club gathering focused on social justice-based readings.

Workplace Ready

Program DetailsA free, on-the-job training program that enhances the employability skills of its participants within the Peel Region.

Melanin Magic! Open Mic

Program DetailsAn annual open mic event dedicated toward showcasing and celebrating the talent of black artists in the GTA and beyond.

Art Show & Tell

Program DetailsAn opportunity for artists of all skill levels to showcase their work of art in relation to monthly themes set by Studio.89 and subsequently network with other artists in the community.

Graphic Design Course

Program DetailsA free, virtual, 6-week program designed to teach the artistic principles of Graphic Design and how to self-market as a young entrepreneur.

Seniors & Youth Connect

Program DetailsA 6-week, bi-weekly program where youth volunteers and senior participants will develop meaningful friendships through the process of creating a unified quilt, filming a complimentary documentary film and learning new self-development skills.