About Studio.89

Studio.89 is a fair trade cafe and nonprofit community hub providing a free space for events, workshops, and resources. We encourage community dialogue, interculturalism, artistic expression, and conscious consumerism while focusing on youth leadership development. We aim to benefit humans, animals, and the planet in all that we do.

Empowering our community to act locally and think globally for a sustainable future.



Working towards a socially just and sustainable world through youth leadership development.



Studio.89’s parent organization started as a grassroots youth-led non-profit. Youth Troopers for Global Awareness (YTGA) empowers and mobilizes youth to advocate for social justice. We encourage activism by hosting programs, events, and campaigns accessible to the public.


YTGA is Born

Beginning in a classroom at John Fraser Senior Secondary School over a discussion regarding water and waste issues, a group of young activists band together – Youth Troopers for Global Awareness is born! Focusing on topics including child slavery, human trafficking, women’s rights, fair trade, and media influence on current issues, YTGA was determined to bring about local change through various art forms.

Theatre Productions

Youth Troopers for Global Awareness expands into theatre productions, performing across the Greater Toronto Area to bring awareness to topics closest to them. YTGA continues writing “Our Voice”, campaigning against genetically modified foods, human trafficking and women’s rights, as well as creating visual art pieces.

Social Enterprise Brainstorm

During their journey, YTGA identified 3 gaps in resources available within Mississauga.
1. Access to Fair Trade Goods
2. Lack of Free Venues for Nonprofits
3. Lack of Resources for Students

YTGA dreams of opening a social enterprise cafe that can fill all 3 of these needs. Welcome to Studio.89!

Studio.89 is Born

After three long years of dealing with zoning, fundraising, and garnering community support, Studio.89 finally opens its doors in March 2014! It is completely furnished by donations and community partners – from toilets to the paint of walls! Downstairs, the Studio.89 cafe promotes conscious consumption through fair trade and organic goods. Upstairs, the Artademic Resource Center offers everything from workshops, and free camera rentals, to computer programming and free film nights.

5 Year Anniversary

At 5 years old, Studio.89 evolves from a grassroots organization to an established community hub, showcasing events such as social justice campaigns, community panel discussions, paint nights, open mic nights, and poetry slams. Our free space is used by numerous organizations assisting with fundraisers, board meetings, and outreach events helping Peel Regional nonprofits thrive!

Studio.89 Partners with The Daniels Corporation

Studio.89 partners with The Daniels Corporation and moves to one of Daniels’s communities called The Arc in Mississauga.

We acknowledge:

  • The potential and capacity of young people
  • Globally just societies start locally with individuals
  • Real change is gradual and requires the participation of young leaders
  • Arts play a key role in confronting and reimagining social narratives
  • Better economic, societal, and environmental choices are necessary to create a sustainable world

Studio.89 is located on land which is the traditional, stolen lands of Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. The rightful stewards of this land have faced horrific atrocities, including forced removal, colonization, forced poverty, broken treaties, eco-terrorism, and genocide. Native People continue to contribute to making the world a better place here, and Indigenous people also continue to fight for eco-justice in our global village.  We are committed to furthering our research to learn about and support Indigenous tribes in their efforts to restore sovereignty and help start the process to begin to heal the horrific wrongs of the past and of current day.

ADVOCATING for humans, animals, and the planet.

CREATING space for learning.

EMPOWERING youth to engage in social justice dialogues.

PROVIDING youth with leadership, employment, and volunteer opportunities.

ENCOURAGING collaboration with the wider community and like-minded initiatives.

Inclusion statement:

Studio.89 is proud of its heritage as a diverse organization that values, embraces, and strives towards equal opportunity in its operations, community engagement, employment, and decision-making. Studio.89’s vibrant community is strengthened by its inclusion of all members, actively inviting differences of thought inspired by intersections of backgrounds and lived experiences.