2030: A Collage

2030: A Collage

by Genevieve Qua-Enoo  


According to the 2015 Paris Agreement, several countries were called to cut carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 and fully by 2050 to keep global warming below 1.5. However, new studies tell us that if we continue as we are now, we may miss that goal as early as 2030. For this reason, I made this poster as a call to action, to prevent even more damage than we’re already increasingly causing to our planet. With cluttered newspapers, I tried to represent how throughout our daily lives, we are so overwhelmed and inundated with stuff to do and news or drama around the world, so we procrastinate over taking climate action. But ironically, all the things we busy ourselves with instead of acting will be affected and changed if we don’t face the inevitable and fight the climate crisis. The space in the middle symbolizes this, in a way showing you what’s beyond all the noise. Moreover pictures inside the zeros allude to net zero (the goal of a small amount of emissions), where the imagery is positive to represent a better, more sustainable future. In contrast, the imagery in the two and the three shows the harm being done to our planet if we don’t. 








This was created by Genevieve Qua-Enoo

Upcycled EcoFeeder Painting Workshop

Join us in crafting a greener tomorrow for our feathered friends! Upcycle with us at the EcoFeeder Workshop and turn oat milk cartons into bird feeders. Let’s paint, feed, and nurture our winged buddies together! This will be a private event in the cafe.


Community Benefit:

When we noticed the staggering amount of oat milk cartons going to waste every day at the cafe, we were inspired to make a sustainable change. Our solution? A fun workshop where people can paint their own oat milk cartons and turn them into cute, eco-friendly bird feeders. This initiative not only minimizes waste but also provides a perfect way to get your garden or balcony ready for the spring. It’s a sustainable, resourceful, and enjoyable way to make a positive impact.