Many struggle with unseen issues, and battle with mental health. 

This poem is but a tribute, for those who are in that battle, and have excelled. 

Societal stigma, around the issues I mention, 

Only add to the pressure, of those undergoing this tension. 

Mental health recovery, is a mindset and goal. 

For to grow and improve oneself, does strengthen one’s soul. 

To heal oneself, and to become well, allows self-discovery to ensue. 

For mental illness, can equate to potential brilliance, when recovery is pursued.

We can uncover our muse, when we practice self care, 

As well as negate bad habits, and regain our magic, and the sparkle we all share. 

That zest for life, can lessen the strife, of living in our world. 

For life is harsh at times, but bliss is also thine, when you begin to let recovery unfurl. 

As someone with lived experience, who has survived and thrived.

I arose from the concrete, as a rose that is complete, when I allowed my recovery to come alive. 

So, I am speaking from experience, as one who is adherent, to self-growth and improvement. 

My message is to love thyself, and live abundantly and well, whilst making recovery your personal movement. 

So, begin to practice this growth, through the righteous forms which serve you. 

Even if you don’t struggle with mental health, there is still much you can learn too. 

No one is perfect, so progress is key. 

The improvement process is freeing, and can bring forth a lot of inner glee. 

This poem was written by Bisher Abu Thwabeh