by Bisher Abu Thwabeh  


Spread kindness whenever you can, for it improves us all.

Kindness makes the world go round, so go forth and astound, through kind deeds; big or small.  

Do not overcomplicate things, kindness is not extravagant. 

It can be as simple as a smile, or a nod to a stranger, that is genuine and meant. 

It enhances our mood, to be kind and not rude, so spread positivity. 

For being kind and not just polite, is always something that is right, and brings us closer to divinity. 

There are endless ways to be kind, so use your imagination.

Give back to the community, promote harmony and unity, and make positive creations.

Never cease to amaze, by doing kind things everyday, we can all be that example.

This poem is also a reminder to myself, to be kinder and live well, and treat others with an amount of compassion that is ample.

This poem was written by Bisher Abu Thwabeh