Name: YTGA|Studio.89 2520 Eglinton Ave. West, Unit 1 Mississauga, ON L5M 0Y4
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Event Time(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Both the YTGA|Studio.89 and the renter agree to the following terms and conditions:
I. EVENT DESCRIPTION / VENUE ACCESS: The Renter shall have access to and use of Studio.89 for the purpose of hosting the Renter’s event.
II. RENTAL COST: The Renter has received an invoice for the full venue rental fee. Any balance of the rental fee due, less the non-refundable deposit described below in Paragraph III, shall be payable to Studio.89 on the day of the event.
III. DEPOSIT: The Renter has paid to YTGA|Studio.89 the sum of $55.00 at the time of their event booking. Of this amount, $5.00 is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to service and handling fees upon final settlement of the account. The remaining, $50.00, will serve as a damage/security deposit which will be returned to the Renter upon settlement, minus any charges for damages done to Studio.89 by the Renter or their associates. Damage/security deposit refunds will be returned upon successful inspection. Refunds can be expected within 72 hours after the event.
IV. REMOVAL OF BELONGINGS: Renter shall remove all personal property, trash, and other items that were not present in the venue when Renter took control of it. Renter will ensure the space is left clean and tidy and will move all furniture back to its original position in the café.
V. RETURN OF SECURITY DEPOSIT: Upon Renter’s completion of their obligations under Paragraph III & IV above, the YTGA|Studio.89 shall return to Renter the security deposit minus any amounts deemed necessary to repair damages inflicted upon the venue by Renter and/or Renter’s associates, guests, invitees, contractors, and all other persons whatsoever who enter the venue during the rental period, whether or not such persons did so with Renter’s knowledge or consent.
VII. UNPAID BALANCE FEES: In the event that Renter fails to pay the balance due within the time period agreed upon in this contract, interest shall accrue upon the unpaid balance at the rate of 5% per year until it is paid. The renter shall also be liable to YTGA|Studio.89 for any legal fees, court costs, and other expenses associated with collection.
VIII. LIABILITY: Renter will be liable for any physical damages, legal actions, and/or loss of reputation or business opportunities that YTGA|Studio.89 may incur as a consequence of the actions of the Renter or any of the Renter’s guests while the Renter is in control of the venue and shall indemnify and hold harmless the YTGA|Studio.89 against any and all legal actions which may arise from Renter’s use of the venue.
IX. DISPUTES: Any disputes arising under this contract shall be adjudicated in the YTGA|Studio.89’s local jurisdiction.
In witness of their understanding of, and agreement to, the terms and conditions herein contained, the Renter will sign below.