Studio.89 | Our Story
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Our Story

Here’s a little about us!

We are Studio.89! We’re a fair trade cafe and non-profit organization.

We try to be all sorts of awesome by providing fair trade, organic, bird-friendly and rain forest certified coffee, and other ethical and yummy treats and products!

YTGA is a youth led non-profit mobilizing and empowering young people through the arts towards social justice issues.  Born in 2006 in Mississauga, Ontario, YTGA was founded by a group of very passionate students determined to bring about awareness of global and local issues through creative writing, visual art, theatre and spoken word. We aim to be accessible and inclusive to all youth, all over the world!

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Studio.89 is a non-profit community hub & fair trade cafe providing a safe, free space for events, workshops and resources. We encourage arts, culture, activism, empowerment, & conscious consumerism with a specific focus on youth leadership, employment, and volunteerism. We aim to benefit humans, animals, and the planet.